Non-contractual photos 

Handmade creations of unique jewelry

Let your beauty shine thru

You go to your closet.

What are you going to wear today and

how will you embellish your outfit?...

No worries....I have all shapes and colors of jewelry to 

 intensify your smile and the spark in your eyes.

  I decided to create jewelry to give 

joy to all women.

 A jewel that pleases us, a jewel that associates well with our style,

 gives us a feeling of well being

 that makes us shine thru out the day.

 Every time I sit down to create, I let my heart 

take over and I create from the depth of my soul.

I let the clay, the emotions and the environment guide me to finally

present you with unique pieces

specially made for each one of you.


For more than 30 years I taught Fine Arts, arts & crafts,

sculpture and decorative art to children and adults alike. 

 It was therefore natural to let myself be carried away by the ideas and desires 

 accumulated deep within me.

These were only asking to be expressed and gave birth to 



To create for you, each day, is a true pleasure and now,

 I thank you for taking the time to go discover my collections.